Eduard Boschmann
Hi I'm Eduard and 24 years old. I studied Mechatronics in my Bachelor and now I'm studying Human Factors, which is a kind of mixture between Psychology and Engineering. Since the main concern of my studies is Human-Machine-Interaction I'm also interested in Mobile Interaction. I hope this project will be fun =)

Alexander Bogenrieder
Hi, I'm Alex and I'm studying industrial engineering at the TU Berlin which is a mix between engineering, in my case mainly informatics, and economics. I already  did a project with a Kinect during my bachelor that was pretty much fun, so I'm really excited for this new project.

Benoit Hanotte

Hi ! I'm BenoĆ®t, i'm a double degree student at the TU Berlin in the Master Informatik and at the French engineering school Ecole Centrale de Lyon where I studied general engineering. I'm interested in everything concerning new technologies and more particularly mobile devices. I'm willing to make a fun project!

Xavier Presser

Hey, I'm Xavier and I'm 23 years old. I about to finish my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and I'm intending to study audio communication and  technology for the master. My main interests are basically everything connected with audio transmission, recording and processing. As mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful, they can by now support a great variety of applications. Finding intuitive modes to interact with them is a main challenge and I'm certain this project will give us all the opportunity to deal with it.  

Christoph Hohnerlein

Hello everyone! My name is Chris and like Xavier, I am studying Audio Communication and Technology at the TU Berlin. Like the name of my studies suggests, I am interested in the overlap between audio and technology, especially in music related applications. My background reflects this with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and over 10 years of experience in playing, producing and performing music.
I am really excited to see how public interaction connects to process of creation in the domain of music and sound.

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