Monday, December 2, 2013

Paper Prototype

We prepared a Paper prototype  to check the basic interaction with re:aktion. It's considered to be helpful to observe difficulties in the way of interacting with the system in an early state, with low cost and effort. We looked into three scenarios, representing the very basic feature our system should provide.

List of tasks

Catching the user's attention

Abstract visuals and the invitation to "move" should attract people and get their attention. A simple music pattern is already playing, reaching people who can't actually see the display.

As the user comes closer, he sees himself as some kind of silhouette, mirroring his movements

When the user begins to move he is is probably triggering some implemented change of the music pattern. He becomes aware of the influence he has on the music... and it is on!

Multi user interaction

With re:aktion, you are in control of the music you're dancing to. The height of your right hand will set the complexity level of the instrument assigned to you.
A higher hand position will trigger a more complex pattern, while a lower hand position will cause to reduce the complexity.
As visual feedback abstract forms will be displayed around the hand of the silhouette. The variation of the forms are correlated with the complexity of the pattern.

Left and body position are responsible for filtering of the signal and other effects.

Changing instruments

To change instruments just touch the hands of another user.

The visuals have different colours for each instrument. After the exchange the colour of the visuals will of course change respectively.

Task breakdown

Brainstorm & UX design: Full team
Cutouts: Eduard
Photo edit: Benoit, Chris
Blog update: Xavier, Chris

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