Monday, November 11, 2013

Project idea

We are proud to present the idea of

!Kollektiv Hero!

You know Guitar Hero? Wait for  Kollektiv Hero!

People step into the area in front of the screen and are assigned a certain role in a musical piece. Moving your hands will change the particular sound and sequence of "your" instrument, so dancing in front a the screen will allow the user to create original music. Everything is synchronized to the same tempo so people will start moving around and "dancing" in the same rhythm.
Specific roles will be assigned to each player according to their instrument. The drums/percussion guy might enter patterns in 3D space by walking around and jumping at certain positions. the other roles include rhythmic and melodic elements.

Interaction mind map:

Targeted users and location

The location would be either a festival or an electronic arts exhibition; the targeted users being young, dynamic, interested in arts, music and having a minimal knowledge in this domain.


environment and users mind map:

Technical requirements:

Project name:

The following names were proposed:

Kollektiv Hero
Music Playground
Instrument Playground
Jamm up!
Jamm out

Since the application idea remembered some of us of the game "Guitar Hero", we thought it would be  nice if people could allready get a kind of idea of the game by hearing the name. So that's why it is called Hero. 

The word Kollektiv is german for collective, which can also refer to a group of people. Maybe you also know the music group Kollektiv Turmstrasse? Also a hidden hint that our Application deals with music

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